Code- Switching Analysis Based On Five Types Of Code Switching Units In The Novel "acebook On Love By Ifa Avianty."

Fridolini, Fridolini (2013) Code- Switching Analysis Based On Five Types Of Code Switching Units In The Novel "acebook On Love By Ifa Avianty.". Prosiding Seminar Hasil Penelitian Semester Genap 2012/2013 (2). ISSN 2337-7976


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Language is a universal means of communication in which speakers deliberately use by adding or inserting several words of expressions that might only be understood by a certain group of people. They occasionally change or switch the use of two or more languages or varieties of the same language during oral or written discourse. The change is called code-switching which is a linguistic phenomenon commonly occurring in bi- and multilingual speech communities. Switching may be conscious and intentional. Intentional switching may be used to indicate shifts in topic, and change in interpersonal or social relationships. Much of the time, however, switching between languages is unintentional. Another code which specifically refers to intersentential switching is called code mixing. Both terms refer to both types of language mixing. In this particular discussion, however, I focus only on the first type of switching, i.e. code switching. The main goal of code switching is to convey messages or information from a speaker to a listener directly and to make good communication between them. Code switching may occur within settings where speakers share more than one language. In this research I use two methods which include collecting the data from related books and the Internet as well as analyzing the collected data. I collect the data which are taken from in the dialogues in the novel “Facebook on love 2 by Ifa Avianty” that contain code switching.

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